The Power of a Thank You

I cannot speak for everyone, but when I receive a genuine thank you from someone it typically makes my day.  Email and a verbal “Thanks” are great and I do appreciate them, but what I am really talking about it is a thank you card, and most often one that is received randomly.   Don’t take this entry for a plea, rather see it as advice.  In other words, I am not trying to  encourage people to send me thank you cards.  What I am doing is encouraging you to consider sending them to those that have assisted you with the admission process, or for that matter, life in general.

Tops on the list might likely be those that you asked to write a letter of recommendation for you.  Although writing a letter of recommendation is not particularly grueling, it does take time.  That is time the writer could have spent doing something else and yet they set aside the time to help you out.  It might be nice to receive a token of your appreciation for the effort.  You might have already done so, but if you have not, taking a minute to send a card, type out an email, or even make a phone call might make someone’s day.

Next up might be those that did not make your “top 3” cut for recommenders to SIPA but who played a role in helping you with the admission process.  It could be anyone.  Maybe the person who proof read your personal statement or the Registrar who answered your desperate plea to send a transcript on short notice.

Beyond the admission process,  I think it is just a good habit to think of creative ways to express your thanks at unexpected times.  For example, the other day I was thinking about the first boss who took a chance on me many, many years ago.  Every so often we will exchange emails, but I thought it would be nice to send him a thank you card out of the blue.  It’s a win-win really, I feel good for sending it and I hope it will brighten his day to receive it.

This is just something that was on my mind while riding my bike to work the other day – take it or leave it.