A Night to Remember

The following was written by Kristoffer Tangri, a second-year SIPA student from Germany pursuing a MIA degree with a concentration in International Security Policy.


It is the time of the year again where clueless first year students complain about their in boxes filling up with spam while second year students go on a ticket hunt from unsuspecting victims. Ask any recent SIPA graduate about their most cherished memory of their time at SIPA – it will be this very special night in spring – SIPA Follies. Dual degree students from around the world fly back to New York just for this event. For one night and night only, the International Affairs building will become the place where magic happens, friendships are being made and history is written.

This year the night falls on April the 24th – three months from now and yet, preparations have already begun. Fundraiser parties are being organized; exotic dancers are cast around campus and members of a highly prestigious selection committee judge ideas and proposals by sanguine students.

What makes this night so very special? Some say it is the beer that is flowing like water and others point to the fact that graduation time is near. As a Follies 2009 alumnus, however, I know that none of these points matter compared to the real reason this event has become legendary. Unfortunately, first year students have been spotted reading the admissions blog and I cannot risk unsettling the ticket market. You will need to wait until April 2011 to become part of this defining moment in a life as a SIPA student.  Song, dance, comedy, video, intrigue . . . this event has it all.


Although videos make up only a fraction of the event itself, hopefully this video provides a taste of the festivities.

Ever wandered what Year One at SIPA could look like?