I thought I would take the opposite tact of what you might expect today.  In past posts I have provided some information on the completion percentage of files in our office.  Rather than go that direction today, I thought I would try to put all of you in the same comfort zone by talking about our progress in reading files.

Let me comfort all of you by saying the percentage of files read to date is basically zero.  That’s 0%, zip, nada, zilch. Classes just started this week and many members of the Committee just returned.  As you know, we have been busy in our office working as fast as we can to complete files, but we have sent out zero batches.  A very small number of applicants have a single read done on their file.  These individuals completed their applications well in advance of the January 5th deadline and a few staff members read these files over the winter break.

However, rest easy everyone.  You are all in the same boat.  It does not matter if you received a “your file is complete” email last week or if you have yet to get one – we have not started to send out batches yet so no one is “behind.”  Again, when a file is batched and sent out has no bearing upon the admission decision.  The admission file review process is not a race so do not fear.

Thanks again for our patience.