Status Report

This is an update on where we are in the process of completing fall 2010 applications for review.  This picture shows how busy our printer has been in the past few days.  It has basically been going nonstop as we have printed several thousand applications that can range from 10-20 pages each.  And this picture only shows the applications printed, not the thousands of letters of recommendation we have received as well.


The process of manually reviewing files and matching them to letters of recommendation (which live in a separate module of the same system) moves a little faster for applicants that chose to submit everything on line.  If documents have been mailed (or letters of recommendation for that matter) the process takes a while longer because we must search for the documents missed during our print cycles.

In rare cases we are unable to read the transcripts uploaded to the site and for me I would say this represents only 5% of the applications I have reviewed so far.  If we are unable to read a document we will contact you.  As a reminder, if you uploaded your test scores and/or transcript(s) and they are showing as not received this is normal.  There is no need to email us concerning receipt.  We manually check to make sure the information was submitted and and then will check it off as “Received – Not Official.”

As a reminder, when we complete your file for review you will receive an email from our office.  In the meantime, we ask for your patience as we work as quickly as we can.  There is really no reason to worry, if there is an issue we will contact you.

As stated in previous entries, it can take us up to 10-15 days to go through the process of completing files.  When a file is completed has no bearing upon an admission decision.   As of today we have completed about 30% of the applications submitted and the more time we spend, the faster things move along.  Phone calls and emails have also started to subside which will help us to move more quickly.

I hope this window into our world helps you to understand the processing in our office.