A Busy Day . . .

Today is sure to be a busy day.  Last year close to three hundred people submitted applications on the deadline day and close to 1,000 submitted applications in the five days leading up to the deadline.

My staff and I are committed to answering questions as quickly as we are able and as a reminder, email is the best way to reach us (sipa_admission@columbia.edu).  We left last night and the email account was caught up and upon turning on the computer this morning it was filled with messages again.  This is a good thing and do please use our email account if you have questions.

To me keeping our email box clean is almost like a video game, but instead of racking up points our goal is to get to zero – as in zero messages in our in box.  We will continue to do our best and appreciate your patience as we try to keep up.

If you have not, it would be a great idea to review the past 5 entries on this blog – they provide a great summary of the processing in our office and should put you at ease concerning submission and tracking of information.

As a reminder, it may be up to 10-15 days before we send you a message letting you know that your application has been completed for forwarding to the Admissions Committee.  This is normal and we just ask that you keep checking the application site and make sure the address sipa_admission@columbia.edu is added to your safe sender list.

We manually check each application and if we need any additional information we will contact you via email.  As much as we understand that applicants want immediate responses to questions about the receipt of documents, the massive volume we are dealing with right now does not allow us to perform searches for individual documents. We have a sort of assembly line set up and we are working as quickly as we can.

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to completing all of the applications submitted.