Applying for SIPA First-Year Funding

At SIPA all first-year applicants for the two-year, full-time MIA and MPA programs are considered for institutional fellowships. All that is required to apply for first-year fellowship is to submit an admission application. We do not require a separate application to apply for first-year fellowship.

Due to the fact that we receive admission applications from citizens of over 100 countries each year we do not conduct admission interviews. We rely upon the information in each application to make both admission and fellowship decisions. The Admissions Committee awards institutional fellowships to approximately 15% of the incoming class each year.

Every student who is admitted to SIPA is eligible to apply for second-year fellowship. In the spring of 2009 approximately 75% of second-year students chose to apply for funding through SIPA. Of that 75%, approximately 70% received funding and the average award was just over $19,000. Some students choose not to apply for SIPA funding because they have outside awards that cover their educational costs.

Many students are able to combine external fellowships with institutional funds from SIPA. We highly encourage all applicants to pursue external funding opportunities and the sooner you begin the process, the more likely you are to find out about opportunities that fit your profile. If you have not already, we highly encourage all applicants to explore our external fellowship database.