Ask Yourself a Question

With the application deadline now just over one month away I know most applicants probably don’t want to think about yet more work that needs to be done, however I would ask you to ask yourself the following question:

How much time have I spent researching various ways to help pay for school?

I try to provide as much advice as possible on the blog about how to help pay for school.  I see the issue from two sides.  First, it’s obviously a huge part of my job so I look at it from the perspective of an administrator trying help as much as I can.  Second, having gone to graduate school myself, I know it is expensive and I have been through the process myself.

I thought now is as good a time as any to  provide some links back to some of the entries I have written on the topic.  Perhaps this will encourage you to make sure doing financial aid research is on your “to do” list.  The earlier you start, the better off you are.

Keeping informed via this blog can pay off.  I know of at least one SIPA student last year that earned a $23,000 scholarship that was posted on this blog.  Stayed tuned, I keep my eyes open and post opportunities as I find out about them.  Follow the links below for previous entries on the topic.

The Rule of Two covers general principles related to fellowship searches.

If you have been in the U.S. Military you might want to look into the Yellow Ribbon Program.

An entry on SIPA Fellowships provides insight into institutional funding from SIPA.

I wrote an empathetic/sympathetic entry on Paying for School, integrating some of my own experience.

There is help for those from Latin America here.

Korean applicants might find this entry helpful.

The World Bank offers some funding opportunities.

And you can find a list of fellowships that we have accumulated by using our database.