Application Agita: Avoid Deadline Stress

The admission deadline at SIPA is very important.  All documents need to be submitted on time in order for us to guarantee review of an application.  The deadline for fall 2010 admission is January 5th, 2010.

Applicants have almost total control of the majority of the required documents; however there are two particular documents each year that a few applicants consistently have difficulty with around our deadline.  Like clockwork we receive emails from panicked applicants each year around the deadline concerning recommendations and transcripts.   Let me give you samples of two emails from the past application cycle.

Email One:

Help!!!!!!  The deadline is only a few days away and I just learned that one of the people writing a letter of recommendation had to leave the country and he will not be able to complete it for me.  I have been planning on attending SIPA for a long time and now I am afraid that my chances are in jeopardy.  I cannot see a way that I can contact another recommendation writer in time.  I am so sorry, will you please help me?  What can I do?

Email Two:

URGENT.  I wanted to make you aware of a situation I face that I hope will not eliminate me from admission consideration.  I just contacted the Registrar’s Office at my University and I got a message back saying they are closed for the holidays.  They will not reopen until after the SIPA deadline has passed.  What can I do?  Does this mean my application will not be reviewed?

In exceptional cases the Admissions Committee may be willing to process an application that is completed after the deadline, but with hundreds of people applying each year we want to make sure that those that complete their application on time are given priority in the admission process.

I therefore highly recommend that applicants pay particular attention to keeping in contact with those composing letters of recommendation as well as obtaining copies of transcripts as early as possible.  SIPA will accept unofficial copies of transcripts for admission consideration and we prefer that the transcripts be uploaded via the application site.

Avoiding complications regarding the submission of these documents will help to alleviate stress around the application deadline and submitting your documents in advance of the deadline will allow us to forward your application to the Admissions Committee without complication.