Top 10 Tips for Communicating With Our Office

This entry is a compilation of our “Top 10″ list for you to consider when communicating with our office, searching for information, and applying.  10 entries were posted and this entry serves as a single place where you can access all of them in one place.

My hope is that this information will allow you to find answers to your questions as quickly as possible, receive timely responses from our office, and avoid delays.

Click on the individual 1-10 listings to be directed to the original posts that have all of the details.

Number 1 – Use the same email address when communicating with our office and when applying.

Number 2 – Avoid Creating a Duplicate Online Application.

Number 3 – Avoid copying several parties on the same email and avoid long emails.

Number 4 – Thoroughly review our FAQ Page.

Number 5 – When leaving a voice mail message speak slowly, clearly, and state your telephone number twice.

Number 6 – If you must mail something to our office, use a private mail courier.

Number 7 – Check out our student, alumni, faculty, staff interview page.

Number 8 – Familiarize Yourself with Expenses and Start searching for fellowhips/grants as soon as possible.

Number 9 – Attend an information session or recruitment event.

Number 10 – Subscribe to this blog!