Office Communication Top Ten List – Entry #9

This is the ninth entry in our “Top 10″ list for you to consider when communicating with our office and applying.

Number 9 – Attend an information session or recruitment event.

While I realize not everyone can make it to New York, if you can the best way to obtain information is to attend an information session.  If you live nearby or are visiting New York this is probably the best way to learn about our programs and how to put together a competitive application.  Due to the large number of visitors and our small staff we are unable to arrange walk in appointments.  You are always welcome to visit and someone will assist you, however we are rarely able to provide extensive individual counseling appointments.

If you would like to schedule an information session, which are held every Monday at 6pm and every Friday at 12pm excluding holidays, it is best to send an email to and then we can confirm the session with you.

We also attend recruitment events across the country and internationally as I mentioned in this blog post here. However, you are always welcome to come to the office during business hours and ask a few questions or obtain information.