What I Did this Summer: Entry #2

Faridah Nassali is a native of Uganda and is entering her second year as an MIA student concentrating in Economic and Political Development.


What I did for summer…

faridahpictureThis past summer, I worked as an intern at the International Women Tribune Centre in New York. It was a wonderful experience and I worked on various projects on peace building including but not limited to working on Uganda Radio program/drama on Res. 1325 and 1820.

This was on the most interesting part of my projects because reading the role-plays in the drama projects day-to-day life of the communities back home and most especially the stereotype of gender roles. It was more like bringing my community and placing it in a small office in New York.

I also had an opportunity of attending a couple of UN meetings on issues of gender and the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). But what was even more interesting was getting a chance to work close to the UN. I met a couple of people, who may be important in my networking and professional development.