Sharyn O'Halloran on MSNBC

SIPA faculty member Sharyn O’Halloran, who directs the Advanced Policy and Economic Analysis specialization at SIPA, recently appeared on MSNBC to comment on unemployment in the United States.  Her research interests include institutional analysis and statistical methods.

Her recent publications include “Measuring the Electoral and Policy Impact of Majority-Minority Voting Districts” with David Epstein in American Journal of Political Science (April 1999); “A Social Science Approach to Race, Redistricting, and Representation” with David Epstein in American Political Science Review (March 1999); “The Non-Delegation Doctrine and Separate Powers: A Political Science Approach” with David Epstein in The Cardozo Law Review (1999); and others.

To view the entire video, please visit the MSNBC site here.


Sharyn is no stranger to the media . . . you can see here in this segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart filmed back on St. Patricks Day (1:36 mark).