New Scholarship Program

When I hear about new scholarship opportunities that might apply to our applicants I typically post them in two places – this blog and our Database of External Fellowships.   I am happy to report that last spring an incoming SIPA student was awarded a $23,000 scholarship that he found out about by reading this blog.  It can literally pay to subscribe.

Yesterday I became aware of a scholarship opportunity for graduates of Seoul National University that are admitted to SIPA.  While you must be actually enrolled in our program to apply, this is something to keep on your radar if you are a graduate of Seoul National University and are admitted and join us in the future.

For more information on this program, sponsored by the Seoul National University Alumni Association of Greater New York, you can contact Mr. Ki Ro Sung at kirosung[at] or Dr. Yule Kim at jongyulekim[at]

For those of you that do not qualify for this program, I recommend you reach out to your own alumni association to find out if similar opportunities are available.