New Student Photo Entry #28

The first three images come from Jeff Berger, an incoming MIA student.

All three images were taken at the Marcavalle juvenile detention center in Cusco, Peru. Many of the boys there had committed serious crimes, yet the center operated like a strict summer camp rather than a prison. The youth are gradually prepared for reintegration into society through a special education system and hierarchical, merit-based programs.

Image #1 – Morning roll call.


Image #2 – Me and a few of the boys at a holiday celebration.


Image #3 – Two of the boys learning the art of the “field goal.” It took me days to find what may have been the only store in Cusco selling footballs.



The next two photos were submitted by Bonita Treinen, an incoming MPA-DP student.

This first picture was taken in Lanzhou, China where I lived 2002-2003. I am drawn to signs of community in dense urban environments, and these guys embody that.


This second picture was taken in Thailand, where I lived 1998-2001. There’s nothing special about this picture, except that magic things happen every time I visit this little bay. Last time I was there a school of dolphins came up to play near me while I was out swimming alone.