New Student Photo Entry #27

The first three photos today were taken by Oritse Justin Uku, an incoming MIA student.

Farah Province, Afghanistan:  This is a picture of my HMMWV pulling security during a joint humanitarian assistance mission with the Afghan and Italian armies. It took us about 3 hours to get to the village cross-country. The Taliban fled just prior to our arrival. We ended up being out there all day because an IED was found and had to be dealt with.

Salzburg, Austria:  This photo was taken during the summer of 2007. I was on a tour with a class from business school that took us through Italy, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. I always enjoy visiting Austria. The people are friendly and it’s nice to speak in German again.

Great Wall of China:  I took this photo in the fall of 2002. A group of officers from my unit in South Korea took a long weekend trip to Beijing, China.



The next two photos were submitted by Ingrid Nanne, an incoming MPA-DP student.

This is a picture of the teacher to teacher in-service I was interpreting for this summer. I volunteer with Helps International in Guatemala, the organization has an education program in a school they founded in the department of Quiché (a majority indigenous, rural area of the country). The part of the program I was involved with was helping translate between American teachers who were giving the in-service on teaching techniques to the Guatemalan teachers. The picture shows a group of the Guatemalan teachers and the school’s principal during the in-service.

This picture was taken outside of the school at recess, during a break in the in-service. Many people in the town of Santa Avelina where the school is, dislike having thier picture taken. This is because of numerous and different cultural and personal reasons, but the students at the school have gotten used to them and enjoy being photographed. In this image I asked the boys if it was ok that I took a picture of them, and almost all of them ran off giggling except for that boy who posed. The rest of the boys soon ran back and wanted their picture taken as well.