New Student Photo Entry #26

The first two photos today come from incoming MIA student Jessica Garrels.

Mai Lafiya in the Dakoro region of  Niger In my first year as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger–and before I could really talk to anyone–I decided to stay busy by trying to farm.  Unfortunately, when harvest time came, I realized I was not a very good subsistence farmer (millet, peanuts, hibiscus petals and leaves, beans).

MyHarvest – Mai Lafiya in the Dakoro region of Niger.



The next three photos were submitted by Clarissa Baldin, an incoming MIA student.

Where the photo was taken: Gravataí, metropolitan region of Porto Alegre – capital of the province of Rio Grande do SUl, Brazil. Although this is not a “great shot”, it´s something I´d like to share with you because I was very touched. These people are part of a NGO called Corpo Voluntário de Resgate e Socorro. They work from Friday evening until Monday morning every weekend, when they remain in alert state 24h, in groups of at least 6 people per shift, helping on emergencies in the region, rescuing and providing emergency care for mainly car crash victims in the area of Gravataí. They are trained and skilled, theirs services are free of cost and not only the community but also the police and/or ambulances call them when unable to rescue the victims. Constantly struggling for resources to keep theirs work ongoing, they have already assisted over a thousand victims.

Where the photo was taken: São Miguel das Missões, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. This picture was taken on 26 December 2008, at the archeological site of São Miguel, during my roadtrip from south Brazil to Chile. The ruins are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Brazil. This is one os the remains of Jesuit missions built by the Guaranis and Jesuits during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Where the photo was taken: Andes, Chile. This picture was taken on 31st December 2008, also during my roadtrip. After 5h queuing to cross the border between Argentina and Chile, we were surprised by this marvellous landscape hidden by the mountains.