New Student Photo Entry #22

The first three photos today come from Beatriz Guillen, an incoming MIA student.

I have been living in Caracas for almost three years. Venezuela is an amazing country, full of contrasts that I would like to show you through some of the pictures I have taken.  The first one is from Salto Angel in Canaima, the highest water fall in the world.


The second one is a “parking boat” in a small beach town, called Choroní.


The third one is swimming in the paradisiacal Isla Tortuga.


The next two photos come from Sofia Fernandez del Castillo, an incoming MPA student.

These pictures were taken during a pilot program done in a community in the metropolitan area of Mexico City that consisted in the recuperation of social ties through the implementation of workshops, color in the facades and neighborhood upgrading. The evidence demonstrates that color has a positive direct impact in people´s lives. I believe these pictures reflect the motivation of the community -specially children- to rescue public spaces and are evidence of the sprawling of cities and irregular settlements in Mexico.



The last two photos come from incoming MIA student Sarah Bilson.

Location: A village outside of Vélingara, Senegal (July, 2007)
Description: Young girls dance in a celebration commemorating the village’s abandonment of female genital mutilation.

Location: Aley, Lebanon
Description: This picture captures a night view of Beirut from the mountain town of Aley in Lebanon. Sitting in the quite, serene village we could see Beirut rocking below us.