New Student Photo Entry #20

The first three photos come from incoming MIA student Burak Guresci.

This photo was not taken in Iwo Jima Island or an US city but in in Sana’a, the capital of Yemen. It was taken last week (June 2009). This is a underpass along the “Canal Road” in Sana’a. This road was originally built by my ancestors (Ottomans) and serves as a water canal during heavy rains and prevents flooding in the city. It was renovated by the help of US Government and this relief work depicting American soldiers raising a Yemeni flag was made as a representation of the aid of the US’s government to Yemen’s.


This photo was taken in Fuzhou, China in May 2008. This Buddha statue was in Fuzhou West Lake Park. Little Buddha seems very comfortable and happy, like most of the children.


This photo was taken in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2008, two months before the start of Euro 2008 Football Tournament. That’s me heading the giant football over the Lake Léman.



The following two photos were submitted by incoming MIA student Yueping Liu.

The photo named “Geneva” was taken at Place des Nations in Geneva in February this year, right in front of the United Nations main gate (which is on the far right in the picture, where the lines of flags are). There was a demonstration calling for peace in Sri Lanka, with the crowd waving flags and displaying banners. (In case you were wondering, the giant chair on the square with a broken leg symbolizes opposition to land mines.)


The one named “London” was taken inside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, UK, next to Downing Street. The building was constructed in the 19th century with the aim of impressing foreign visitors. The Grand Staircase in this picture is a showcase of the rich decorations, and is suitably used as the main entrance for foreign dignitaries and diplomats. I’m no VIP of course – I took the picture during the London Open House weekend last September when it was accessible to the public.



The next three pictures come from incoming MIA student Hui (Aurora) Wang.

Where: Côte d’Azur – the French Riviera.  Description: I tool this picture when I had vacation at the French Riviera last summer. I was fascinated by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and in this picture I liked the combination of the sea, the tree and a white yacht seen through the branches.


Where: Gallery of maps – The Vatican Museums.  Description: This picture is taken on May 10th, 2008, when the Vatican Museums dedicated an extra open day for collecting donations to Italy’s Abruzzo Region, in which had been strong damages caused by the earthquake in April. The Gallery of Maps has 40 maps frescoed on the walls and brings visitors directly to the famous Sistine Chapel.


Where: Hong Kong.  Description: After having waited in queue for an hour, I finally got a big bag of egg ball waffle from this small pastry shop. The woman in the picture is making egg ball waffle using those specific makers with red handle. On her left side you can see some pictures of local famous people getting sweets from this place. The egg ball waffle is probably considered the most famous street food of Hong Kong.