2010 Application Information Post #3: Transcript Submission Changes

One of the challenges faced each year by the Office of Admissions is processing thousands of application documents submitted by mail.  As you might imagine, opening, categorizing, alphabetizing, tracking, and filing documents is quite time intensive. We are constantly seeking new ways to expedite the admission review process and starting with the 2010 admission cycle we will allow applicants to upload copies of academic transcripts to the application Web site.

In the past we required applicants to submit an official copy of all academic transcripts by mail in order to review an application for admission.  By allowing applicants to upload copies of transcripts to the application site we hope to expedite the process and reduce the burden placed upon applicants to work with their previous institutions to ensure that transcripts are mailed to our office by the admission deadline.

Going forward, the preferred method to submit college/university transcripts for admission consideration will be by upload to our application Web site by the deadline.  If an applicant is offered admission official transcripts will then need to be submitted to confirm enrollment.  Specific dates by which official transcripts will need to be submitted will be communicated after admission offers are made.

We thus recommend that all applicants request copies of all academic transcripts pertaining to college/university level coursework.  If you receive these copies by mail, you will be responsible for scanning and uploading the transcripts to the application Web site.  If your school sends electronic copies you may upload these documents to our application Web site.

There are two very important points to consider.

First, it is extremely important that all transcript information is scanned.  Universities use different coding systems to report grades and most often these codes are listed on the back side of printed transcripts.  The Committee will need this information and if the codes are not part of the upload, the application will not be considered complete.

Second, applicants must submit copies of transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.  For example, if you attended one school for two years and then transferred to another school to complete your degree, we would need separate transcripts from each school – not one single transcript with grades from both schools.  Exceptions are granted for exchange programs.  We understand that exchange programs often utilize the home school’s grading system and thus a second transcript might not be necessary.  If you have doubts we recommend submitting all transcripts.  You can contact our office if you have questions or concerns.

Copies of high school transcripts are not necessary.  Applicants should include transcripts from all college/university coursework completed, even if a degree was not granted.  For example, if you graduated and then later took college level courses that were not part of a degree program, we still will require a transcript documenting the course(s) taken and grade(s) achieved.