SIPA Faculty in the News

When speaking with prospective students I often highlight the fact that those they are learning from at SIPA are both well educated and have solid policy experience.  What better way to learn about the inner workings of the policy world than from those who have lived and continue to be connected to the policy world?

meritjanow80x94_000A perfect example is the recent appointment of SIPA professor Merit Janow to the international advisory board of the China Investment Corporation, the country’s $200 billion sovereign-wealth fund. The newly established board has 14 members, and comprises economists, investors and former government officials from the United States, Europe and Asia.  Professor Janow formerly served as a member of the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization while teaching at SIPA as well.  You can read about Professor Janow on her SIPA bio page and can research other SIPA faculty via the faculty directory page.

gary_sickAnother faculty member that has been in the news recently is Professor Gary Sick.  Professor Sick was the National Security Council expert on Iran in the Ford, Carter and Reagan administrations.  He comments in multiple publications and outlets on the disputed re-election of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Here are a few links to interviews with Professor Sick:  PBS, NPR, Council on Foreign Relations.

swatidesai80x94 And making some of our own news, SIPA is pleased to welcome Swati Desai as Associate Professor of Practice.  Desai served in a variety of positions with the City of New York’s Human Resources Administration, most recently as Executive Deputy Commissioner of Evaluation and Research. She has previously taught at Fordham University, New York University and Long Island University; and her research interests include management analysis, performance management, and health and labor economics.