New Student Photo Entry #17

The first two photos come from Alicia Ng, an incoming MIA student.

This photo was taken earlier this year at the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. The morning sun was streaming in just perfectly – Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite authors and this passageway was reminiscent of stepping through the looking glass.


This photo was taken on my college sailboat somewhere off the Johor Straits. I would spend every weekend at sea, 4 – 6 hrs straight at a time, training for regattas or learning new techniques. And aside from the bruises, scrapes and sunburns, sailing’s just about the best water sport there is out there.


The following two photos come from Raj Raina, an incoming Master of Public Administration in Development Practice student.

This photo is taken today, June 30th, on Peponi Road Westlands, Nairobi outside of Sarit Centre which is one of the largest shopping malls in Kenya.

Carpenters have set up shop on the corner of the street. My friend Amos who is also a street vendor took the picture. Also on the background is an important public message from The Green Belt Movement which has been founded by Wangari Maathai, Winner of Nobel Peace Price. This is one of the few places left in Westlands where the government has not forcefully evicted kiosk and street vendors.


Traffic has become a nightmare in Nairobi. I am stuck on Uhuru Highway. If you arrive in the morning or evening Mon to Sat to Jomo Kenyatta Airport expect to spend over 1 and half hour in traffic from Airport to Westlands. Though the street vendors will keep you entertained.