New Student Photo Entry #14

The first three photos come from Yun Dong, incoming MIA student.

“Forbiden city”, taken in June, 2009, in Beijing.
This is the entrance to the Forbidden City, which was absolutely inaccessible for common people 2 hundred years ago. But now, the lion used to represent royal authority has become a welcoming symbol for worldwide travelers.


“Debate”, taken in August 2007, in Tibet.
The Lamas gather to “debate” about the sutra they have studied, which is kind of a test. A Lama must answer the question asked by the “teacher” in front of everyone. If he got it wrong, he would be booed. Because of the pressure, they often move constantly like clapping hands or stomping feet to keep up their courage.


“Pilgrim”, taken in August 2007, in Tibet.
I met these pilgrims on the highway, who were on their way to Lhasa, the religious. Even with modern transportation, they stuck to the traditional way: every few steps, they would worship with legs, arms and forehead touching the ground. You can notice some special gears on their hands, feet and elbows to protect themselves. They money they gathered on the way would be donated to the temple once they arrived.


The following three photos come from incoming MIA student Thomas Ritzer.

The first photo was taken on our boat trip from Siem Reap to Battambang via the Tonle Sap lake and the Stung Sangker river. Impressed by the amazing scenery I could not resist to try and be a little artistic by taking this photo of a Cambodian man relaxing on our boat.


The second photo was taken in Battambang while we were waiting for the so called Bamboo Train – cobbled together with a wooden or metal frame, bamboo planking, a moped engine, and old military tank wheels and axles. The occasional appearance of such a “train” was always a big hit with the kids hanging out at the train stop.


The third photo shows our bamboo train with kids playing on our mopeds and the train driver posing in front of it.