New Student Photo Entry #13

The first two photos come from Buyu Liu, incoming MIA student.

Two Tibetan horse riders are dressed up in traditional race apparel heading to the annual horse riding festival in Naqu County (4,400 meters altitude), Tibet, China. On the far left, where land transitions into the sky, a herd of  Tibetan Yak (tiny black dots) is enjoying their early-morning breakfast.


My own beloved old lady, not passing on any photo op with great-looking Tibetan people. This Tibetan pilgrim is holding a typical prayer’s wheel, or Mani wheel. The stairway on the right hand side leads to the magnificent Potala Palace of Lhasa.

These photos were taken in August 2001 during a 10-day road trip in southern Tibet.



The following three photos come from Fairuz Haque, an incoming MPA student.

Photo: Living with the lake

The photo was taken at the lake city of Rangamati in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. The Kaptai Lake was formed when a large part of Rangamati drowned due the construction of Kaptai Dam during the 1960s. The people native to the area is still coping with the changed landscape.


Photo: Spring Celebration at the Bookfair

The photo is taken on 13 February 2006 at the National bookfair in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In an event that is one of the most colourful festival for Bengalis, every year, one day in mid-February, people dress up in yellow, orange and red to mark the arrival of Spring. A favourite destitation on the day for Dhakaits is the monthlong bookfair, organised to pay respect to the language movement of 21 February 1952 that established Bangla as the official language of Bangladesh.


Photo: Fishing in the Bay of Bengal

The photo shows a child from a nearby fishing community at the Kuakata sea beach at the south of Bangladesh. The surrounding communities survive off the sea,  going on lengthy fishing trips that may last for weeks at a time. The children of the communities often help the adults in weaving the nets and some onshore fishing.