New Student Photo Entry #12

The first photo comes from incoming MPA-Development Practice student  Megan Cassidy.

So, this isn’t exactly a foreign country like the previous entries.  On the contrary, it is in the South Bronx not far from Columbia, but I think it adequately represents one of my most important journeys.  This photo was taken earlier this week at the graduation of my 5th graders, most of whom live in the projects around the school, but almost all of whom are graduating at or above grade level.  I am tremendously proud of them, and I will certainly use what I have learned over the past three years about education in underprivileged areas in my studies at SIPA.  I am so excited to start in the fall, but I sure am going to miss them!


The following two photos were submitted by incoming MIA student, Jennifer Yum.

This photo was taken in Kaesong, North Korea, months before it shut its doors to tourism late 2008. The statue is of late North Korean leader Kim Il-Sung. This was the closest picture of the statue that I was allowed to take.


This “mad” cow in downtown Seoul symbolized public outcry against President Lee Myung-Bak’s allowance of U.S. beef imports in May 2008. Messages covering the statue express fear of exposure to mad cow disease and the perception of Lee as dishonest.