New Student Photo Entry #11

The photos from new students continue to roll in.  Thank you all and rest assured if you have sent photos, they eventually will be posted.  And for those new students still interested in submitting new photos, please do so!

The first two photos come from incoming MPA student Sarah Wilson.

Nechung Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet.  I love this photo because it embodies my vision of Tibetan beauty.  The stark landscape contrasts with the rich colors associated with Tibetan Buddhism,  plus you can almost hear the low bellow of their horns.  The mountain behind us is covered with fluttering Prayer Flags.


This photo was taken in Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar (Burma) during the Burmese Water Festival, Thingyan.  Traveling through Burma can make any amature photographer feel like you belong in National Geographic, so it was tough to pick one photo.  This is definitely not the best, but I liked it because it gives you a different impression of Burma than what you read about.  A Buddhist holiday, Thingyan was traditionally a time when scented water would be sprinkled over the head of a worshiper to wash away their sins. These days, its morphed into a no-holds-barred splash fest, with throngs of children, armed with buckets and water guns, waiting next to the side of the road to douse drunken revelers as they pass by on foot, bicycle, motorbike or open-air jeeps.  This photo is very tame as a protective measure for my poor camera, but the festival also included full-out burmese rock bands, punk rockers, and drag queens.


The next three photos are from incoming MIA student, Ioannis Vasileiou.

Agra, India. At the “back side” of Taj Mahal, a young farmer is taking a refreshing break in the waters of river Yamuna.


Orcha, India. While the children in my home country are usually overwhelmed by the latest gadgets, these little Indian girls have to work to survive, but in an amazing ancient background.


Khajuraho, India. Waiting for the next bus, a goat is seeking for some grass under one of them.