New Student Photo Entry #9

The first three photos come from incoming MIA student, Kelsey Campbell.

Songtan, Republic of Korea

I flew from Alaska to Korea to visit friends posted in the Pyongtaek area.

Not having a car, my friend and I went on an exploratory walk around the town. Here a man rests in a residential area. I like the stillness of this photo.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia View of Circular Quay and the Opera House from atop the Taronga Zoo.
Sydney is one of the most beautiful and my favorite cities in the world.


Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa We were walking along the beach at Camps Bay as we came upon these two locals running down the beach, racing each other. This photo is when they were taking a break on the rocks. This moment was also quite memorable as we were experiencing the ‘Cape Doctor,’
the strong wind that pummels the Cape peninsula.


The next three photos were take by Megan Rapp, an incoming MIA student.

•    Where the photo was taken: A Bedouin home a few feet below the peak of Mt. Sinai, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt
•    A brief description of the photo: After a grueling five hour hike to the top of Mt. Sinai, we rented blankets to sleep on from the Bedouin man and son seen here. We left from the base of the mountain at 9:00pm, arrived at the peak at 2am, and slept for a few hours on a bed of Bedouin blankets. Around 4:30am, we awoke to the song of the Muslim call to prayer and watched the peaceful sunrise around 5:30am. We then hiked back to the base while being led by a kind and generous Bedouin man.


•    Where the photo was taken: Musee Auguste Rodin in Paris, France
•    A brief description of the photo: This picture is of the Rodin Museum from the viewpoint of a light pink rose. While living in Paris, I became fascinated with capturing pictures of monuments and museums through close-up images of flowers. It can be easy to miss the simplicity of nature when visiting monuments, and I wanted to make sure I took time to see the details around me.


•    Where the photo was taken: Destra, Haiti
•    A brief description of the photo: When I was a teacher in Haiti, I got to visit a lot of the families of my students. This is one of the mothers. I love this photo  because the look on her face exemplifies the pride and love she has towards her children. She works hard so that all of her kids can have opportunities to go to school in a nearby town.