New Student Photo Entry #8

The first two pictures were taken by Leona Verdadero, incoming MIA student.

Where: Blue Lagoon, Coron Island, Philippines
One of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, Coron is located at the northern tip of the Palawan province. It is a well-known diving destination, with abundant Japanese shipwreck sites from  World War II . The contrast between the towering gray limestone cliffs and the clear aquamarine sea is simply stunning!

Where: Banol Beach, Coron Island, Philippines
Two little boys from the Tagbanua tribe docking at Banol Beach.
The Tagbanua tribe is one of the oldest tribes in the Philippines and the first settlers on Coron Island.  To preserve their culture, they obtained land rights under the Philippine government’s ancestral domain program. The tribe has set guidelines in protecting the environment for visitors, promoting sustainable tourism in the country.


These photos come from Emily Ingram, incoming MIA student.

This photo was taken in Beijing during July 2005. I was struck by the contrast between the chaos of Chinese tourists walking through Tiananmen Square (including the guy in the foreground who is taking a photo of his family while unknowingly squatting right next to the policeman) and the policeman, who happens to be standing so that his head obscures the famous portrait of Mao that hangs at the entrance to the Forbidden City. In what most western tourists can only interpret as a constant reminder of the 1989 massacre, Tiananmen Square still has a very strong police presence and the guards frequently march around in groups, occasionally stopping only to tell people not to photograph them.

This one was taken in Paris on Bastille Day 2008. Around lunchtime, there was a small but raucous crowd around what seemed to be impromptu Brazilian Capoeria. Nearby, picnickers arranged bread and fruit on blankets and sunbathers spread out on towels to reserve a space for that evening’s concert and fireworks. It was unusual and exciting to see so many people participating and enjoying the music, acrobatics and excitement of this Brazilian sport on a French national holiday, in front of THE French architectural icon.