New Student Photo Entry #6

The following photos come from incoming MIA student James Canonge.

Where the photo was taken:  Jérémie, Haiti
A brief description of the photo:  These guys would hang around the construction site of an orphanage we were building in rural Haiti.  Eager to show us some local produce, one climbed a nearby tree and plucked this unripe orange.  Haiti’s violent slums are notorious, but here the machete is only used to divvy a refreshing afternoon snack.

Where the photo was taken:  Damascus, Syria
A brief description of the photo:  The covered end of ٍSharia al-Mustaqim is lined with spice vendors and couturiers.  The taxi drivers and goods traders race up and down this busy street from morning until night, but the pace inside the shops is much calmer.  I like how the contrasting atmospheres have been captured in this photo.

The following comes from Diyana Ishak, incoming MIA Candidate.
Where the photo was taken: Isfahan, Iran
A brief description of the photo: This photo was taken during my trip to Iran in March 2007. The photo is a view of Imam Khomeini Square in Isfahan, a large city south of Tehran. Recently, it was the site of demonstrations against the outcome of the June 12 elections. The trip was an eye-opening experience for me, and you are welcome to read more about my experiences there on Foreign Policy’s blog: My thoughts and prayers are with Iranians now as they face incredibly challenging times.