New Student Photo Entry #5

The first two photos were submitted by Yi Ren, an incoming MPA student.

This photo was taken in June of 2007 in Lugu Lake, Yunnan Province of China. I was exactly astonished by the purified natural landscape. It was hard to catch this scene because if you went there in a rainy day you would have got nothing but a messy pond of marsh. Good luck to you if you wish to visit the best ever wonderland of minor ethnic region in south west China. It would take a long journey to bring you there which make the place more divine and more marvelous.

This is me. The photo was taken in May of 2009, one month ago. I went to Nanjing for a couple of weeks for visiting my friend, who took it. I don’t intend to show off but it is really a harmonious combination between human and nature. I tore when I saw it. This is a ground of very plain grassland in Nanjing Normal University, quiet but never eye-catching. This case told me that beauty is nowhere until you open you eyes with hearts to discover them.


The following photos come from incoming MIA student Oleksiy Krylov.

“Capetown”. This photo was taken in October 2008 from the flight deck of USS Theodore Roosevelt near Capetown, South Africa. Famous Table Mountain surrealistically rising above aircraft carrier. We were anchored out and heavy seas didn’t let crew leave the ship on the first day of our port visit.

“Oxford”. This photo was taken in April 2009 inside the gallery of one of the oldest Universities in Europe, Oxford. I loved medieval Oxford’s atmosphere and would definitely go back.