New Student Photo Entry #4

The following photos come from Jamal Haider, incoming MIA student.

Photo Taken at: Sigiriya Rock Fort in Sri Lanka
Description: This picture was taken at the Sigiriya Rock Fort in Sri Lanka during my visit to the country in March 2008. The Fort was built by King Kashypa around 1650 years back. The entrance to the upper part of the fort was constructed to look like a lion’s head. The king actually went into the lions mouth to get to his personal quarters. The massive paws you see is what is left of the construction now.

Photo Taken at: Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Description: An Indonesian fisherman fishing for crustacians, shrimps and little fish to sell at the local market. The net and a bucket is all that they use to catch fish in these rough waters.

Photo Taken at: Ghorra Gali, Pakistan
Description: The picture was taken in a remote village of Ghorra Gali in the Murree District of Pakistan while I was hiking from Ghorra Gali to Islamabad with the Asian Study Group. The total distance was 28 km and it took us 8 hours to complete. This little lady was sitting on the road playing with rocks. She seems unhappy with the passing strangers as none of them brought any sweets or treats for the kids.