New Student Photo Entry #3

These photos come from incoming MIA student Emily Donnan.

This is a photograph taken in a rural village in Malawi during the summer of 2008; I volunteered with the organization “World Camp for Kids” and spent six weeks helping to provide HIV/AIDS and deforestation education to over 1,800 Malawian children.  In this photo I am building a solar oven with one of our students out of cardboard and tin foil.  I hope to merge joint interests in child welfare and sustainability at SIPA.

This is a photo of me reading to my new nephew in June 2008; I am ecstatic to be an Aunt!


The following comes from new student Rostyslav R. Korchysnkyy who will be entering the PEPM program.

This photo was taken in late May, 2009 in the Carpathian mountains, Western Ukraine. Colorful and intricate craftsmanship of the 18-th century clothing of Hutsuls, an ethno-cultural group of Ukrainian highlanders who for centuries have inhabited the Carpathian mountains, mainly in Ukraine, but also in the northern extremity of Romania, as well as in Slovakia and Poland.