New Student Photo Entry #1

A few photos have started to roll in and I will work on getting them posted over time.  Thank you so much to all who have already responded!  First up, Diana Rodriguez, incoming MDP student.

  • Place taken: Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, in the northern Peruvian Amazon (close to Iquitos)
  • Description: These are children of the Cocama ethnic group who live in San Martin de Tipishca, a small town right by the Samiria River in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.  Leonela Ahuanari, the girl at the left end of the picture makes and sells necklaces and bracelets with seeds found in the rainforest. With proceeds from her sales she buys school supplies for herself and her cousins (also shown in the picture).  Leonela’s father, Manuel and his brother, William, started an ecotourism project to generate income for their community.

  • Place taken: San Roque de Cumbaza, San Martin Region, Peru
  • Description: half an hour away from the city of Tarapoto, Peru, there is a small town right by the Cumbaza river in the Peruvian Amazon Basin.  Walking through the town to reach the river, I saw this chair holding a delicious fruit called “zapote” that is widely available in February and March. The composition of the chair against the doorway was stunningly beautiful.