I Paid My Enrollment Deposit, Now What?

If you were admitted and paid your enrollment deposit you are probably wondering what happens next.  First let me say that if you did pay your deposit, we are thrilled to have you join the SIPA class of 2011.  Second, let me say that your number one source of information at this time should still be the Welcome Page referenced in your admissions letter.

Have a housing question?  The contact email is there.  Question about a Visa application?  The contact email is there.  Question about when the summer math tutorial begins?  You guessed it – referenced on the Welcome Page.

From this point on the Admissions Office does start to pass the baton on so to speak to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). OSA will begin to send a series of emails in May that deal with a variety of topics releted to your enrollment.  OSA will be a large part of your life at SIPA because they run the class registration process, second year fellowship application process, and act as the student point of contact for a variety of other academic issues.

This does not mean that you cannot continue to email the Admissions Office with questions, we welcome you to and you probably should because you may have not yet met those who work in OSA.  Just do not be surprised if we start to pass you on to those who work OSA and you start to see names like Ubrano, Caroline, Stefan, Mona, Cassandra, Allejandro, and Alleyne.