Resources for Those Unable to Attend Open House

We understand it is not possible for all admitted students to attend the Open House scheduled for Tuesday, April 14th.  One resource is the Message Board (view the Welcome Page referenced in your Admission letter for details) and for those who would like to visit at another time, we provide the following advice.

In the PDF document at the end of this entry you will find our Spring 2009 Concentration Directory and our Spring 2009 Classes for Visitation list.  The Concentration Directory contains all pertinent contact information for the Directors and Program Assistants of all of SIPA’s Policy Concentrations, Regional Institutes and Special Programs.

Contacting the PAs with any questions that you may have is a great way to learn more about the concentrations, specializations and programs as well as what they offer students both when attending SIPA and upon graduation.  Additionally, should you be able to make it to the NYC area another time, we have included a list of classes that you are welcome to visit.

Please note that on the directory you will see the email listed as a few letters followed by a few numbers.  Simple insert “” after the letters and numbers to send an email.

If you will be unable to travel to campus, please utilize iTunes or use the video/interview sections of our Web site (lectures here and interviews here) to see classes, seminars and interviews with some of the many people here at SIPA.  In iTunes all you have to do is type “SIPA” in the iTunes store search box and you will have access to over 100 different SIPA lectures, panels, or forums – all for free.

Also, if you will be visiting campus, we do have information sessions scheduled for each Monday evening at 6:00 P.M. and each Friday at Noon.  Although primarily geared toward those who have yet to apply, the sessions also incorporate information that can be very useful to those who have been admitted and are trying to obtain more information.  If you wish to make a reservation, send an email to

If visiting, you are welcome to try to use the message board to set up a time to speak with a student and the Office of Student Affairs, on the sixth floor, is a place to go to have general academic questions answered.  You are welcome to try to set up a time to speak with a faculty member by using the contact information in the PDF below.  Do please understand that on short notice faculty members may be unable to accommodate visits as their primary priority is working with enrolled students.

Once we have finalized our program for Open House 2009, we will post it to this blog as well.

Again, if you have any follow up questions please send an email to

Click here for the PDF referenced above.