Welcome Page – Please Read Carefully

I want to pass on some important advice to applicants who are admitted to SIPA.  In the admission letter you are provided with instructions on how to visit our Welcome Page.  There is a hyperlink as well as a username and password listed in your admission letter that will give you entry to the Welcome Page.

Why is the Welcome Page so important?  Well, it provides answers to the most frequently asked questions newly admitted applicants typically have.  We want you to be able to get answers and instructions quickly, hopefully without a lot of runaround.

Lately many admitted applicants have been emailing us questions that are answered on the Welcome Page.  Questions such as the following have recently been sent to our email accounts and information and specific email addresses are provided on the Welcome Page to put you on the right track:

  • How do I register for the admitted student Open House?
  • How do I apply for housing?
  • When do I have to report to campus?
  • How can I start my Visa application process?
  • Is there any academic work you recommend I complete this summer?

So please reference your admission letter and for the Welcome Page information and read it carefully . . . there is lots of good stuff there.