80% +

Just a quick update on decisions . . .

We have published just over 80% of our decisions to date.  Please note that when an admission file is read has no bearing upon the final decision.  We are looking for qualified candidates and the qualities we look for and the evaluation system we use does not change over time.

I will say that some files do take longer to review than others.  This can be for a variety of reasons including flagging a candidate for fellowship (which results in an additional meeting) or asking for further review by a Senior Member of the Admissions Committee.

As stated in a previous entry, we cannot provide estimates on when individual decisions will be published but rest assured that we are working as quickly as possibly.  I know that many applicants who have not heard are anxious, but I think you would agree that having the Committee spend quality time reviewing your application is preferable to rushing through the process.

Hang in there if you have yet to hear, an email will be coming your way soon.