SIPA Student Groups

Kelly Heindel is a student working in our office this year and I asked her to highlight some of the student driven opportunities at SIPA.  Below is a brief description of some of the formal student groups that have been put together by our students.  To learn more about student life at SIPA, visit the Student Life Web page.

An integral part of a SIPA education is participation in student organizations.  Currently, we have over 40 student groups and there is always the opportunity to start your own.   These groups cover a wide range of topics and interests and are an excellent supplement to coursework and internships.  In addition, they provide students with valuable networking opportunities and other career development forums.  Students can join these organizations at anytime throughout the school year; however, elections for leadership positions are typically held in the late fall or early spring semester.  You may contact any of the group representatives for more detailed information.

Here is a list of current registered student organizations:

* Arab Student Association (ASA)
* Asia Pacific Affairs Council (APAC)
* Conflict Resolution Working Group (CRWG)
* Education and Development Working Group
* EMPA Forum
* EU/European Student Association (ESA)
* Eurasia Initiative
* Follies
* Gender Policy Working Group
* Grassroots Social Policy Network
* Greater China Initiative
* HRWG – Human Rights Working Group
* Humanitarian Affairs Working Group
* Iranians at SIPA
* Korea Focus
* Latin American Students Association (LASA)
* Media in International Conflict
* Microfinance Working Group
* Migration Working Group
* Net Impact
* Nihon Benkyokai/Japan Exchange Forum (NBK)
* Nordic American Students Association (nasa)
* QUIPASA – Queers in International and Public Affairs
* School of International and Public Affairs Student Association-SIPASA
* SIPA Energy Association
* SIPA Finance Club
* SIPA Pan-African Network
* SIPA Turkish Initiative
* South Asian Association (SAA)
* Southeast Asia Student Initiative (SEASI)
* Taiwan Focus
* UN Studies Working Group