Application Processing and Receipt of Documents Update

I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding the tracking of application documents.  If documents are still listed on the application site as not received you do not need to panic and email or call our office.  The processing of files in our office is partially driven by when certain Committee members can read.  We thus expedite the processing of files that meet a certain set of reader criteria. For example, we want readers to be able to review applicants that share a common academic interest.  The timing of when a file is completed and then read has no impact on the admission decision.

If you are confident that you have sent materials you can rest assured that your file will be completed and forwarded for review.  We still have several thousand documents that need to be matched to files and we are working as quickly as we can.  Because of internal processing requests we are unable to respond to individual requests concerning the receipt of documents.  Rest assured that if we need anything from you we will let you know and we will be happy to work with you to make sure your file is complete and forwarded to the Admissions Committee.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to completing and reviewing all files.  Decisions will start to go out in March and will be available via the application site.