SIPA Professor Appointed Chair of Advisory Board of the UNDEF

The faculty members who teach at SIPA bring both strong academic and professional backgrounds to the classroom.  SIPA has approximately 60 full-time faculty members along with 100 practitioner faculty members per year.

SIPA professor Michael Doyle was recently appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to a new term as Chair of the Advisory Board of the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).  Professor Doyle is the Harold Brown Professor of U.S. Foreign and Security Policy at SIPA.  He holds joint appointments in the Columbia Law School and in the Political Science Department.  He specializes in human rights, international relations, security, and international organizations.

Professor Doyle’s full profile, along with the profile of all core, adjunct, affiliated, and research faculty can be found by visiting the faculty directory page on the faculty page of SIPA Web site.