International Fellowship Opportunity for College Sophomores (IIPP)

Most of you reading this are probably not college sophomores, but you might know a college sophomore or perhaps the parents of a college or even high school student and you can encourage such individuals to look into a wonderful fellowship program that will help pay for a professional graduate degree related to international affairs.

The program selects candidates who are sophomores in college and seeks to qualify them for admission to a professional graduate school with a focus on international affairs.  Successful candidates receive a substantial amount of funding to help pay for their graduate degree.

Mentoring a young person can be very rewarding and this is perhaps a chance to get started.  I know that when I was a college sophomore I had no real idea what I wanted to do and having someone take an interest in me would have certainly been a welcome overture.  The IIPP program accepts applications from college sophomores but it is never to early to plant the seed with even younger students who perhaps have an interest in a policy career.

More IIPP fellows have enrolled at SIPA than any other policy school and we are proud of this track record.  Our goal is to continue to promote the program and to admit and support qualified IIPP candidates.  The following is a message from the organization:

Do you know five college sophomores who would excel in international affairs careers? Forward this message to them and urge them to take advantage of this unique fellowship opportunity.

The UNCFSP Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP) is one of the nation’s premier fellowship programs in global affairs for underrepresented students. Our comprehensive education and training elements prepare IIPP Fellows to address the most pressing contemporary international policy problems throughout the world.

Visit us on the web at WWW.UNCFSP.ORG/IIPP, watch our video, join our Facebook page, and encourage five (or more) of your students to apply online today.