SIPA Student Blog: The Morningside Post

You already may be aware that there is a blog run by SIPA students – The Morningside Post (TMP).  The TMP will be undergoing some exciting changes in the coming weeks and just like I encourage readers to subscribe to this blog, the same encouragement applies to the TMP.  From a recent entry here are some comments on how the site will change and why:

The last few months there has been some mention on TMP about a redesign. I am proud to say that, after about a year of planning and executing, we have almost reached point B of our redesign.  Things are going to change pretty dramatically around here. But, before they do, it seemed best to give everyone a heads up of what is to come.

So what changes exactly? First, and foremost, TMP is being built on a different online platform, one that will make it much easier for our readers to get at the kind of information they want, and filter out what they don’t want.

It’s going to get a lot easier to read what you want to read. And to know what’s going on at SIPA, you won’t have to go to a bunch of websites, because there will be one place for “one-stop shopping.” Hopefully, this will serve both the SIPA community and those outside of SIPA interested in what SIPA has to offer.