Postal Mail Information

Tracking documents sent to our office takes up the bulk of our time surrounding the admission deadline.  We understand this is a concern for applicants but rest assured we make every effort to track your documents in a timely fashion.

Regarding mail sent to us, please note there is always a slight delay in the receipt of postal mail that is not sent to our office directly by an express courier (UPS, FedEx, etc.). This is due to the fact that general mail that is addressed to our office is first sent to a central Columbia post office for sorting.

This process can add three to five additional days to the delivery of documents to our office. We are aware of this delay and we account for this when tracking documents. Documents delayed by the internal sorting process are not negatively impacted.

With this in mind, please understand that it may take up to two weeks following the deadline for documents to be tracked into the system.  We appreciate your patience and please understand if we are unable to respond immediately to questions concerning the receipt of individual documents.

Please check the application Web site for updates and we will do everything we can to ensure that your application is complete and forwarded to the Admissions Committee for processing.