Standardized Test Reporting

The January 5th fall admission deadline is almost here and we are fielding many questions about the receipt of official GRE and TOEFL test scores.  We are aware that there have been some problems with the administration of the tests at some ETS (Educational Testing Service) testing centers.  Problems include tests being rescheduled, problems with certain portions of the tests, and possible delays in reporting the results.  We are also aware that the holiday season has an impact on how fast test scores can be processed by ETS.

We understand that situations such as this are out of the control of the applicant.  Therefore in certain circumstances we will accept official test reports that are received after the January 5th deadline.  First, if a test has been taken prior to the admission deadline and we receive the test report after the deadline, the late receipt of the score report will not hinder the review of the application as long as the date the test was taken was previous to the admission deadline.

Second, if you encountered a problem out of your control that delayed your ability to take either the GRE or TOEFL, please send an email to and clearly explain the particular circumstances. Explain the problem you encountered, what action you plan to take, and an estimation of when you have or will take the necessary test. We can then work with you to ensure that your test score is received and is added to your file so that it can be passed on to the Admissions Committee for review.