What is an RSS Feed and Why Should I Have One for This Blog?

The Internet has become a daily staple for most applicants to SIPA and obtaining pertinent information about our program and available financial aid is something that is best done on a consistent basis. RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy and convenient way to have news and information delivered to you without having to repeat searches over and over every time you want to look for new news.

RSS feeds are most commonly used through either an RSS reader or through a news feed that provides new information to you in the form of email. RSS readers are free and many email providers (such as Google’s Gmail) build RSS readers into their user interface.

All you need to do to receive news as it is updated is to add an RSS enabled Web site to your reader. Each time you visit your RSS reader you will be able to see if new information has been posted. There is no need to visit every site over and over to find out if there is new news or updates.

You can subscribe to this blog by both email and through your reader. To subscribe by email simply add your email to the FeedBurner subscription box in the right margin near the top of the page.

If you are not familiar with RSS technology the following short YouTube video is a great introduction (length of video, 3:44).

Direct YouTube link here.