Harriman Institute

SIPA students greatly benefit from 21 different institutes, centers, or programs that focus on regional and functional areas of study. The regional institutes, which are housed at SIPA and cover nearly every part of the world, bring together the University’s extensive resources in each geographic area and attract distinguished visiting scholars and speakers to our campus.

In addition, to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century—the demands placed on the world’s environment, economy, and political institutions—the school has sponsored a number of important research initiatives. Information on all of the options can be found by clicking here.

Our office conducted an interview with a student involved in the Harriman Institute – the oldest academic institution in the United States devoted to the study of the countries of the former Soviet Union, East Central Europe and the Balkans. Eugene talks about career opportunities, challenges in the program, and recommendations for prospective students. To view the video interview, click here (running time, 4:20).