Rolling Admission?

One common question we receive is, “If I complete my admission application early will I receive a decision early.” SIPA does not practice what is sometimes referred to as rolling admission. Rolling admission means that as applications are received, they are reviewed and decisions are sent as they are made.

All applicants to SIPA who submit an application by the deadline will receive a decision around the same time. For example, if you apply for full-time MIA or MPA admission for fall 2009, approximately 90% of our admission decisions will be made available via the application web site by the first week of March. The other 10% are files that for one reason or another require a bit of extra review. The application review process does not begin until after the January 5th, 2009 deadline passes.

Although you will not receive a decision early if you submit an application early, we highly encourage all applicants to complete the process of submitting all required documents as soon as possible. The earlier you complete the application the sooner we will notify you via the application web site that your application is complete and you can rest assured knowing that your application is ready for review by the Committee starting in January.